Memory Usage Monitoring

In order to add a memory usage counter, press the 'Add' button located on the main toolbar, selected the 'Memory Usage' counters category in the left-side view and then select an appropriate memory usage counter in the middle view. In addition, in order to monitor the memory usage in a remote computer via the network, press the 'Connect' button located in the bottom-left corner and specify the host name of the remote computer to monitor.

SysGauge Memory Usage Monitoring
  • Memory Usage - this counter measures the percentage of the used system memory by calculating the ratio of memory committed bytes to the memory commit limit. Committed memory is the physical memory in use for which space has been reserved in the paging file should it need to be written to disk. The commit limit is determined by the size of the paging file. If the paging file is enlarged, the commit limit increases, and the ratio is reduced.
  • Memory Free - this counter measures the amount of physical memory, in Megabytes, immediately available for allocation to a process or for system use. It equals to the sum of memory assigned to the standby, free and zero page lists.
  • Memory Used - this counter measures the amount of committed virtual memory, in Megabytes. Committed memory is the physical memory which has space reserved on the disk paging files.
  • Memory Cache - this counter displays the total amount of the cached system memory in Megabytes by calculating the sum of the system cache resident memory, system driver resident memory, system code resident memory and paged pool resident memory.