SysGauge Product Versions
Product FeaturesFreeProServer
Maximum Number of Counters10100200
Maximum Number of Monitors10100200
Maximum Number of Profiles10100200
Maximum Number of Servers3100200
System Monitor Module
Status Monitor Module
Extended Status Monitor
CPU Monitor Module
Memory Monitor Module
Process Monitor Module
System Analysis Module
Disk Monitor Module
Network Monitor Module
System Monitoring Reports
Sound Error Notifications
E-Mail Error Notifications
Microsoft Excel Reports
Periodic Status Reports
Multi-Monitor Configurations
SQL Database Export
SQL Server Monitor
NAS Server Monitor
IIS Server Monitor
Command Line Utility
Simultaneous Monitoring Operations
Runs in the Background as a Service
Monitor Multiple Servers via the Network
Remote Control via the Network
Price Free $75 $125

* The free product version can be used for personal purposes only.

** Product features, prices and license terms are subject to change without notice.